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Solar Battery

Solar Battery Systems Benefits

There are several advantages to investing in solar battery storage:

Even More Savings

Usually the surplus electricity produced by your solar panels goes into the utility grid (for a small tariff). With battery storage, you’ll have access to your excess solar power when you need it, at night or on cloudy/rainy days.

Less reliance on the Grid

You will be less likely to need to buy power from the grid at times when your solar system isn’t producing energy, such as at night. You’ll not only start saving on electricity cost now, you’ll be future proofing against electricity price rises. 

Continuous power, rain, hail or blackout

Cloud cover and rain can affect your solar output. Blackouts and brownouts are becoming more common. Your battery storage system will help ensure consistent power.

Reduces your carbon footprint

Being more self reliant on your own reliable clean energy source you avoid using power from the grid.

‘The cost of residential batteries is falling, with warranted lifetimes increasing. As time goes by, owning home batteries will become more and more economically viable for households with solar installations. There will be significant implications for the grid, but more battery storage nationwide is a necessary and positive change.’ (Clean Energy Australia Report 2023)

The team at LIV Energy can advise you on the battery storage system that best suits your needs.