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Residential Solar Panels and Solar Battery Storage

Solar Panels on Residential

Solar Panels for the Home

With energy prices skyrocketing, it’s no wonder households are continuing to turn to solar panels to drastically reduce their energy costs.

‘Approximately 3.4 million Australian households now have rooftop solar PV systems installed, which is around one in three households.’ (Clean Energy Australia Report 2023).

Transitioning from relying solely on utility suppliers to solar energy offers numerous advantages.

Solar Power is Clean and Renewable

Solar energy is a clean and renewable source that significantly reduces carbon emissions and minimises reliance on fossil fuels. This contributes to a greener and more sustainable future.

Solar Energy can help with the electricity bills

Opting for solar power can lead to substantial savings on electricity bills, offering long-term financial benefits.
By generating your own energy through solar panels, you can decrease or eliminate your dependency on the grid.

Government Solar Rebates

Small-scale Technology Certificates
The STCs are government incentives to reduce greenhouse emissions. LIV Energy, an accredited Clean Energy Council member, can help you with the details.

LIV Energy can assist you with the best solar power system to suit your needs.

Residential Solar Panels Pricing

These prices are based on a single-storey tin roof with one face for the panels.