How does Solar Work?

How does Solar work?


  1. PV Solar Panels -The sun shines on the solar panels, supplying DC power. 
  2. Inverter- This DC electricity is fed into the inverter, changing the solar DC into AC electricity, which is suitable for your home and feeding into the grid.
  3. Switchboard – Your home then uses the AC electricity from the solar panels. Additional demand is supplied from the grid.
  4. Meter – A smart meter measures your electricity production and consumption.
  5. The Grid – Any surplus electricity from the solar panels is fed back to the electricity network or retained in a solar battery system.

There is an advantage of surplus electricity from your solar panels. Many electricity providers will give you a credit for surplus electricity fed into the grid. This can offset the times when your solar is not producing power such as at night and you draw on the electricity grid.


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